TV Aerial & Satellite Engineers Blog

Hi, Bradley here, and I’d like to introduce myself to you and to also describe the blog I am going to be attempting to write.

I have been a TV Aerial fitter of a number of years here in the UK. I also recently have been developing my skills as a satellite engineer, usually I tackle the Sky & Freesat systems that are available to all in the UK. Although I am getting more and more foreign sat systems to set up. This blog is really just for me to express myself about my work and to also offer some advice for those who perhaps might need if doing a DIY TV aerial installation or satellite installation themselves.

A piece of advice I’d like to offer is to always do as much yourself before you decide to phone an aerial installer Lancaster and pay for the privilege of a call out fee. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not knocking the service but there are plenty of times that a call out has been unnecessary and could have been avoided if only the customer had carried out 5 simple checks themselves.

So, one of the checks to consider is if you are experiencing a problem with your Freeview reception. Ever had it where your picture is breaking into blocks and pixelating?  well, before getting on the phone to the engineer, try checking your coax plug. Is it plugged in? It may sound very obvious but you’d be surprised at how many people this little problem catches out. If the aerial is not plugged into the back of the TV you’d expect that there would be no television picture at all, but in certain regions if the transmission is strong enough you can still get a picture even if it is somewhat distorted. For more Advice click here for aerial installer Kendal

Aerial Plug

Assuming that this is OK, then, check the coax plug and look to see if there is any corrosion within the little silver plug, or if there are any signs of water. If there is then Don’t plug it back into the TV, as you have water ingress and you’ll need to call an aerial installer to repair or replace your TV Aerial System. These guys are also good for TV Wall Mounting Service too